Class 1 Controls has been providing, installing and commissioning  Direct Digital Controls and Building Automation Systems (DDC/BAS) for the building systems industry since 1996.  The majority of the DDC/BAS systems we install are used to control the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems in large and/or complex buildings.


We specialize in DDC/BAS system for critical environments requiring a high degree of accuracy, reliability, and safety, including:


         Laboratories                           Clean Rooms

         Hospitals                                Hi-Tech Manufacturing

         Refinery Control Room            VIP Offices


We are not affiliated with any one particular DDC/BAS control system manufacturer.  In fact, many of the large DDC/BAS control systems manufacturers are important clients of Class 1 Controls.


We believe that our employee’s attention to all the details, required to make a great working DDC/BAS system makes

Class 1 Controls a very unique company.

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“We are in business to provide professional services and high quality products to make critical environments function properly. Critical environments are those which must be maintained to a high degree of accuracy, reliability and safety.  We intend to be a leader in the area of control systems integration and to provide a high quality product, superior service and expertise to our customers at a fair price. We intend to operate our business with integrity, honesty, hard work and commitment to doing what is right.”